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Content separated from design

Your content stays, while design can change in time. When you feel like the time is right now, you just change the theme.

No clunky builders

Fill the content and choose the theme. No need to struggle on your own, nothing new to learn. You get what you see.

No support needed

Built in assistant will guide you. Whenever you are lost, always present search will find you whatever you are looking for.

What the hell is this all about?

We are bunch of super-skilled guys and gals who love to create websites but... Many times we have to say no to our friends when they ask for one. It's because the fact that creating and maintaining website is currently still an annoying task that shouldn't be. It applies twice as that on their end to manage content and change design over time. So here we are. We want to automate this proccess and bring back the simplicity to the websites in the world of clunky builders and CMSes.

With tens of years experiences in the web industry, it's time to put our knowledge into the solution we will all love.

— Pixenio team with

Your website will always look good

No complicated page builders. Just choose a theme and you're done.
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What holds the future?

AI, Copywriting and other services on demand.. You can decide.

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