To be visible and accessible online is important for everyone, especially for professionals working with clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, notary or attorney, you should have your own lawyer website. But how to build a lawyer website that will prove itself to be able to attract and capture new clients?

Inspire confidence with your law firm website

Hiring a lawyer is often a sensitive matter. Your client expects maximum loyalty in dealing with his affairs. Therefore your website need to look highly professional and inspire confidence as soon as it is loaded. Make sure it’s welcoming and that it emphasises on what you can do for your clients.

Here are a few rules to follow in order to achieve this result.

Clean web design without any disturbing elements

Law firm web design must follow modern trend of clean websites full of space. To make a website look trustworthy, avoid complicated layout and strong color templates. Do not use too many different fonts either.

As part of the design, you should definitely be careful about choosing the right photos. Poor photos are spoiling the design and look cheap. That’s not how any law firm want to be presented.

Show that you’re a legal professional

Building trust with your potential clients from the first moment is a key. In addition to a good impression brought by your website itself, you must present yourself as a professional. Devote significant amount of time to writing your bio and a summary of professional experience in each area of ​​law. You can go even further and indicate the percentage of lawsuits that you won or the estimated amount of money that your clients got or saved thanks to you.

Our legal professionals team
When presenting your team or yourself, always make sure you look very professional on photos used on your law firm website.

It’s not only about how you look or what your wear. The way the photos are taken matters too. Therefore, it’s recommended to hire a professional photographer to take a good quality profile photos. The reason is simple.

If you were in your client’s shoes, would you trust someone who presents themselves as a successful attorney, but can’t (or doesn’t want to?) pay for a professionally taken photos? Would you like to be represented on court by someone who posts a selfie from a mobile phone on their website?

Testimonials that will bring more clients to you

The way your web visitors look at you as well as their trust can be influenced by positive reviews from clients that you have successfully represented in the past. According to BrightLocal studies, up to 91% of customers trust online ratings as much as personal recommendations. This means that if the client sees the rating on your law firm website, it will be as relevant as if their best friend told them about you and your services.


Provide valuable content

As part of your lawyer website, you should inform your clients about your practise area and about matters you can help them with. However, it is very useful to offer more content to your web visitors - for example by adding a simple FAQ section or law blog. Such content has several positive effects:

  • Content enhances your SEO

Thanks to high quality content it is easier for your clients to find your website online on Google. If you’re specialized in family law, you can add articles such as How to proceed with the divorce, How long does it take to get divorced or How expensive is a divorce. Your content will be rich in very searchable keywords and phrases related to marriage.

  • Law blog increases conversions

Valuable content is useful for clients that are already browsing through your website. They might find an answer to their question in your law blog and you can offer them simple law advice too.

Formulate the call to action (CTA) message in a right way, so the client contacts you directly to get a legal help and you’ve won.

Access through mobile phones

People use Google as the primary source of information and mobile browsing is also more and more common. In addition - in some situations, the client needs immediate contact for lawyer's office, and the easiest thing to do is to reach for their phone and search for the nearest lawyer. Therefore, having a responsive law firm website will help you get more clients.

Fast and correct loading of website is essential. Otherwise your client might leave your website because they can’t get the relevant information quickly enough.

Law firm website marketing

First thing to consider is in which location you’d like to offer your services. Do you want to build your practise locally or globally? What type of clients are you interested in? Many small law firms represent local clients. Clients that are directly from the city where the law firm office is located, or clients from surrounding areas. If this is your case, add your address to Google My Business Account and work on your local SEO.

SEO for attorneys include optimization for mobile devices, including fast loading of your website to provide immediate access.

If you’re doing a law firm website marketing don’t forget to invest some money in content marketing.

The price of law firm website: How much does a lawyer website cost?

To have a professional, trustworthy website with a clean design, perfect responsivity, fast loading and with prebuilt content and SEO features, might seem like a pretty expensive thing.

But there’s no need to start building your website from scratch, so you won’t need to pay a lot of money to a professional designer for a tailor made website. You can choose from our Pixenio templates and get a highly professional law firm website for 8$ per month.

Each Pixenio template is customisable for:

  • Lawyer
  • Lawyer’s office
  • Notary
  • Clerk
  • Attorney

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