If you’re a freelancer or a creative person, you will find a lot of guides on the internet on how to create a portfolio - what it should contain and what things you should definitely not forget about. Although these are articles that try to help you, they mostly provide only theoretical information. What’s ok and what’s not, but they won’t tell you how to do it.

We believe that the practical side is more important. So don’t waste time reading what you should add to your graphic design portfolio or copywriter portfolio, let’s get to creating one now!

Content for graphic design portfolio

The basic advice that all “How to” articles write about is concentrating on selecting the best works in your portfolio. Diversity is key to being able to reach a wider range of potential clients.

The most important thing is the quality of the portfolio. The online portfolio is what sells and why the clients want to hire you.

Everyone knows that quality matters. But how to achieve it?

Ideally by adding quality content into a quality design, for example into graphic design portfolio template. In this way, you can ensure clean design, airiness a emphasis on your work. You don’t need to waste your time with coding, the ready-made portfolio design layout will liberate you from it.

Thanks to a predefined layout, you can also be sure that your portfolio website will also be displayed correctly on mobile devices. So, when you meet the client personally in the coffeehouse, you can show your work right from your mobile.

How to create a portfolio website in Pixenio

If you are already registered and you go through the wizard, you will get to the administration where you will create the project portfolio via the Gallery section -> Add new (album = your project). Simply fill in the basic information as:

  • Title – i.e. name of the project / case study / works gallery
  • Content – what the project is about. A few words about client assignment and the achieved results (e.g. increase in website traffic, conversion rate etc.). Write it briefly, but as aptly as possible.
  • Images – here you can upload images that are relevant to the project
Create portfolio

If you don’t want your portfolio to be called Gallery, you can change the name in admin within Pages -> Gallery section. You can rename the section at any time.

High resolution images that you don't need to downscale

Reducing the size of each image is annoying - especially when each has different measurements. One is small and wide, another is big but narrow… In Pixenio, you can totally avoid this time-consuming resizing. The system will handle it on your behalf and will arrange images in such way, so that your graphic design portfolio looks very professional.

You can upload your images in high resolution. Their quality is not diminished, as system avoids drastic interference with images.

Inserting images can be performed from any computer or mobile device. You can also erase them at any time and replace them with the new ones. It’s about maintaining your online graphic design portfolio constantly up-to-date.  

And how often to update portfolio?

It’s individual, because it depends mainly on whether you’re dealing with several smaller projects or rather one long-term one. However, it is generally advisable to review your portfolio once in every 6 months.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add something new to it. It’s enough if you just check it and consider whether it is still up-to-date; if it still meets the modern latest trends and, last but not least, if you’re still 100% happy with it.

Design portfolio examples

Here you can see different variations of graphic design portfolio examples depending on the chosen Pixenio template:

Design portfolio example

Design portfolio example2

Or you can check out directly demo portfolio website.

Add testimonials as a proof of the quality of your online portfolio

Satisfied clients are the key to other satisfied clients. Therefore, references must be part of every successful portfolio website. They prove that your work is real and that you’re the expert in your area.

Within references section, you can add name, company, photo and the text of the recommendation.

Services or a list of skills

When thinking about how to create a design portfolio website and what to include here, don’t forget to mention the services you offer; or what you can do to help the client. Primarily if you are a freelancer and you provide complex online solutions (such as creating user interfaces, web design, SEO optimization, marketing etc.).

Services or a list of freelancer's skills
Make it easier for clients to contact you

It’s not enough to have just a professional design portfolio, you need to persuade the website visitor to contact you. For this, there are click to action (CTA) buttons available that need to be strategically placed and can be adjusted according to your needs. The optimal solution is to link such button to the Contact section where the prospective customer can find all the important information in one place.

This way you can activate the contact form through which clients can reach you even easier.

Online portfolio that sells

If you are a freelancer = designer or illustrator, you most likely expect more from your website just to use it for self-presentation. For example, you may want to sell your merch. Pixenio website will provide you everything you need without having to extend an eCommerce solution.

Visitors can purchase products from you in two ways:

  1. simply via the form or
  2. via a different website you link your website to

Within your portfolio website, you can add any 3rd party code to any service that covers the sale itself.

The best tool for your online graphic design portfolio

There are several tools for creating a portfolio. In comparison to Dukend.com or classic portfolio website build on WordPress, Pixenio offers more complete and simpler solution.

Pixenio is a hosted service meaning you don’t need to worry about any installation or updating. There’s no need to program or otherwise interfere with the code - the templates are designed to always look perfect with any amount of content, without the developer’s intervention.

The greatest added value of Pixenio is the professional appearance of the portfolio in every circumstance, as well as the speed at which you can create the portfolio.

Create your online graphic design portfolio to help you meet the most important criteria required for a quality portfolio. With Pixenio, your website will have everything you need even without having to read any guaranteed tips and tricks.

Get new clients today!

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